maternal death

EMAS Initiative Improves Obstetric Care In Indonesia

A large-scale US-led initiative is linked to reductions in maternal and newborn deaths in Indonesia, according to researchers in the US.

Improved Coverage Will Save Three Million Mums & Babies

Increasing intervention coverage to 90 percent by 2025 will cost US$5.65 billion but save three million lives a year, according to a study.

Mixed Messages On Home Deliveries In Philippines

The new Philippine policy advocating health facility-based delivery under the care of a skilled birth attendant may be doing more harm than good, say health officials.

Philippines’ Reproductive Health Law Here – Now What?

On Thursday, the Supreme Court halted the implementation of the Philippines' first reproductive health law, issuing a 120-day status quo ante to review court challenges.

Concern Over Unsafe Abortions In Papua New Guinea

Health experts are concerned about the number of unsafe abortions taking place in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Philippine Congress Passes Birth Control Bill

The Philippine Congress passed on Monday a controversial birth control bill that will make contraceptives available to the poor.

Simple Hygiene Skills Could Reduce Child Deaths In Indonesia

Poor knowledge of basic healthcare and lack of sanitation are contributing to the high number of deaths among children under the age of five in Indonesia, according to UN statistics.

Philippine Government Struggles On Family Planning Debate

The government of the Philippines aims to drastically cut maternal deaths by spending US$12 million on contraceptives in 2012, a move bitterly opposed by the Catholic Church. 

Simple Checklist Improved Childbirth Safety In Indian Hospital

A new Harvard and WHO study has found that a simple checklist dramatically improved adherence to essential childbirth care practices at a pilot hospital in South India.

Asia-Pacific: Gains Against Poverty, Slow On Maternal Deaths

The Asia-Pacific region has made big gains in reducing poverty, but still has high levels of hunger as well as child and maternal mortality, said a new report released this week.