internet of things

Old Age, New Tech

As the silver tsunami hits shores across the globe, robots and other assistive technologies are being deployed to meet the needs of the elderly.

Raising A City’s IQ

Smart cities represent a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of millions, but many technical challenges stand in the way. Here’s how high performance computing is being used to address several of the most difficult ones.

A RIoT Of Insights

As the world gears up for Industry 4.0, find out what these experts at the IoT Asia 2018 conference had to say about the prospects and risks associated with the Internet of Things.

This Smart Chip Needs No Batteries

Engineers in Singapore have invented a smart microchip that can self-start and maintain operations when its battery runs out.

Securing A Digital Future

Not even the tech giants are immune to being hacked, said industry experts at a SGInnovate panel that discussed how security can be beefed up in cyberspace.

NUS To Collaborate With Industry On Hybrid Flexible Electronics

Under the new partnerships, NUS researchers and industry experts will create solutions for consumer electronics, healthcare, defense and safety surveillance, among others.

Transforming With The Times

Find out how Singapore’s construction, electronics, and energy and chemicals sectors are being transformed to meet the demands of the future economy.

An Energy-Efficient Chip For Tiny Vision Systems

This novel video feature extractor uses 20 times less power than existing chips and could reduce the size of untethered vision systems down to the millimeter range.

A Deep Dive Into Tech

Asian Scientist Magazine finds out how Dr. Finian Tan—chairman of Vickers Venture Partners and one of Baidu’s earliest backers—brings his technical background and industry knowledge to bear on multimilliondollar investment decisions.