internet of things

Pioneering Innovation Through Smart Collaboration

Collaboration and cutting-edge technology are at the heart of Panasonic’s Co-creation Programme as a collection of innovative tech offers are shortlisted for commercial success.

Farming For The Future

COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains across the globe, but agricultural technology is keeping Asia’s farming industry fertile through revolutionary apps, automated robots and more.
IoT, energy harvesting

Unleashing The Potential Power Of Energy Harvesting For IoT Devices

As the number of Internet of Things devices continues to grow, innovators explore energy harvesting as a promising solution to ensure power availability.

Creating Growth While The Planes Are Grounded

Amid one of the worst downturns in aviation history, IPI Innovation Advisor Derek Sharples helped CW Aero Services to implement new business strategies, restructure internal processes and emerge stronger.

Keeping An Eye On IoT

Our devices may be able to track our every move, but behind the scenes, experts are working hard to ensure that cyber criminals do not gain access to this information.

Up And Coming Quantum Applications Across Asia

From providing solutions for data security issues to air pollution, Asia is leveraging quantum technology across all domains.

Igniting Innovation—An Interview With Oh Ser Wah Of Whizpace

Tapping local and overseas partnerships, Whizpace optimises wireless communication networks with innovative TV white space technology to create a more interconnected world.

Nuts & Bolts—Keeping Cool And Clean Efficiently

The Internet of Things, phase change materials and odorless microorganisms can all come together to help us breathe easier while lowering the cost of clean air.

Looking For New Tools Of The Trade

Develop innovative digital solutions through the Trade & Connectivity Challenge and take Singapore’s vibrant trade ecosystem to the next level.

Carving a Niche—An Interview With John Fung Of The Centre Of Innovation For Electronics & IoT

The Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT supports local enterprises in developing innovations to help grow their business and give it that competitive edge.