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More Pores To Boost Plant ‘Breathing’

Researchers in Japan have discovered small molecules that increase the number of stomata on plant leaves.

Making Carbon Nanorings Emit White Light

By wrapping carbon nanorings around iodine, researchers have developed a material that emits white light in response to electrical stimulation.

RaQualia & Nagoya’s ITbM To Develop Circadian Rhythm Drugs

The academia-industry partnership is hoped to yield small molecule drugs that can treat symptoms of circadian clock disruption.

Enabling High Resolution Imaging Over Time

C-Naphox is a newly developed fluorescent dye that outlasts conventional fluorescent dyes in repeated live cell STED imaging.

Shedding Light On A Sneaky Soil Parasite

An interdisciplinary team of researchers has developed a fluorescent molecule that can visualize germination of the parasitic plant, witchweed.

Pecking Order Determines Which Rooster Crows First

Less dominant roosters only crow after the most dominant male has decided to announce the break of dawn, researchers say.

Cheaper & Greener Carbon Bond Formation

Replacing organic halides with aromatic esters could make industrial carbon-carbon bond formation less environmentally polluting.

Tweaking Circadian Rhythms With Small Molecule Drugs

Synthetic chemistry has enabled researchers to develop small molecule drugs which target regulators of the circadian cycle.

Cell Fusion Ensures Only One Sperm Gets Through

Research shows that flowering plants prevent polytubey through the extremely rare process of cell fusion.

ITbM’s Torii Wins 2015 Fellow Of ASPB Award

Plant biologist Professor Keiko Torii has been awarded the 2015 Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists Award.