The Right Policies Can Fill The Gender Gap In Science

Although numbers of women science students has increased, the rise of women in the workplace has not, gender experts say.

Deadly Sea Snakes: Alike But Not The Same

The lethal beaked sea snake is actually two species which separately evolved to give identical snakes.

Snakes & Folk Tales Meet Science In Disaster Warning

Indigenous knowledge and science often seem poles apart, but meshing them can curb disaster risk, reports Smriti Mallapaty.

Borneo Tree Is Source Of Potential Anticancer Agent, Silvestrol

Scientists are trying to commercialize a natural compound derived from the Aglaia tree for its anti-cancer properties.

The Mystery Of The Missing Women Scientists

There are simply not enough women taking up careers in science, writes Zaria Gorvett, and inequalities in the hiring process, career progression, and salary may be to blame.

WHO Warns Of Rising Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance In Asia

Growing resistance to artemisinin is threatening to roll back gains made in combating the disease, said malaria experts at a health conference in Sydney, Australia last week.

Indonesia’s Plans To Cut Science Classes Raise Protests

Despite protests by parents, educators, and education observers, the Indonesian government is still moving forward to eliminate science classes from elementary schools.

Quintiles, Prodia To Collaborate On Diabetes Study In Indonesia

Quintiles today announced the start of its first global diabetes study involving Indonesia, through a partnership with Prodia Clinical Laboratory for in-country testing of samples.

Too Much Housework Cuts Lifespan Of Female Komodo Dragons By Half

Researchers have found that female Komodo Dragons live half as long as males on average, seemingly due to their nest-building and egg-guarding duties.