New Owl Species Is Unique To One Indonesian Island

Researchers have discovered an owl that is endemic to the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Experts Caution Against Removing Science Classes From Primary Schools

Experts have criticized the recent decisions by the Indonesian and Philippine governments to limit primary students' exposure to science.

Indonesian Bird Flu Outbreak “Has Only Infected Ducks”

Indonesian health officials have downplayed concerns over a fresh outbreak of avian influenza which has killed some 160,000 reared ducks since September 2012.

Indonesia Declares State Of Emergency In Wake Of Heavy Floods

Heavy rains caused massive flooding in Jakarta on Thursday bringing the city to a halt.

Indonesia Introduces Smoking Law

Indonesia has passed a law requiring cigarette packets to bear graphic photographic warnings.

Stem Cell Therapy In Southeast Asia: Where Are We Today?

Research into stem cells is taking place across Southeast Asia, but proven disease treatments are currently out of reach, says Crispin Maslog.

China-Southeast Asia Science Ties ‘Could Benefit Both’

Science and technology diplomacy between China and Southeast Asia is expected to benefit both sides, says a new OECD report.

Nuclear Power Plant In Indonesia: To Build Or Not To Build

Plans to build a nuclear power plant in Central Java gained traction after a new survey revealed that the majority of Indonesians support its construction.

Corals Are Retreating From Equator, Study

Marine scientists warn that corals could retreat from equatorial seas and oceans as the Earth continues to warm.