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Cough Into Your Elbow With Sleeves, Please

While N95 masks are the most effective at reducing droplet transmission, even simple cloth masks could go a long way in preventing the spread of respiratory diseases.

Udupi Ramachandra Rao Passes Away At Age 85

Professor Udupi Ramachandra Rao, who passed away on July 24, 2017, is credited for launching India's ambitious space program.

The False Space Vs Survival Dichotomy

Here's why all those naysayers are wrong about India's record-breaking success at launching 104 satellites at one go.

India Launches SCATSAT-1 Satellite

The advanced weather satellite will be used in weather forecasting, typhoon detection and tracking studies.

We Have Lift-off! India Launches Scramjet Engine Test

Joining the elite club of nations with successful scramjet engine tests, India has launched its own this August.

The China Space Friends Club

The US refuses to collaborate with China on space missions, but no matter: the Asian powerhouse has the rest of the world in its corner.

8 Scientists From India To Watch (VIDEO)

From the mysteries of deep space to the molecular mechanisms of our very cells, India’s scientists are breaking new ground everyday.

Google Lunar XPRIZE: Asia’s Teams Shoot For The Moon

Three teams from Asia are racing to win in the 2016 Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.

7 Must-Read Stories In May 2016

From a Zika expert’s insights to India’s thrifty space spending, here are the stories that attracted the most clicks in May.

Indian Space Scientist Wins 2016 IAF Hall of Fame Award

Professor Udupi Ramachandra Rao, secretary of India’s Department of Space, was instrumental to the growth of the country’s satellite industry.