hokkaido university

A ‘Golden Sandwich’ For Clean Energy

Japanese scientists have developed a photoelectrode that enables the efficient conversion of sunlight into renewable energy.

How Female Dojo Loach Fishes Clone Themselves

A team of scientists in Japan has shed light on the mechanism by which female dojo loach fishes achieve clonal reproduction.

Wetland And Grassland Birds Move Into Abandoned Farms

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated that abandoned farmland surrounded by open spaces are ideal for the rehabilitation of wetland and grassland bird species.

Relational Mobility Depends On Where You Live

Through a poll of individuals recruited via Facebook, an international research group has demonstrated that individuals in Asia and the Middle East have low relational mobility.

Superlattice ‘Sandwich’ Converts Wasted Heat To Electricity

Researchers in Japan and Taiwan have designed a superlattice that has double the thermoelectric conversion rate of previous methods.

From The Horse’s Mouth: Horses Can Read Human Emotions

Scientists in Japan have discovered how horses perceive human emotional cues.

Getting To The Heart Of Congenital Heart Disease

The acetylation of metabolic enzymes plays a key role in regulating heart muscle development in newborns, study says.

Existing Anti-Hypertension Drug Could Help Fight Flu

Anti-hypertensive drugs called calcium channel blockers can suppress influenza virus replication by blocking a key viral receptor.

Giant Clams Tell The History Of Typhoons

A team of researchers has developed a precise method to determine past typhoon occurrences from the growth pattern and composition of giant clam shells.