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Goblin Sharks Clamp Down On Prey Using ‘Slingshot’ Jaw

By analyzing rare video footage, Japanese researchers have found that goblin sharks project their distinct, protruding jaws forward at incredible speeds to bite prey.

Putting The Pressure On Platinum To Synthesize Superconductors

Researchers have synthesized a superconducting material out of platinum, which was previously thought to be unsuitable for superconductivity.

When Crushed, Light-Emitting Compounds Reveal Their True Colors

Scientists have developed a series of luminescent compounds that change the color of emission upon mechanical stimulation.

Molecular Motors Bend When They See The Light

Japanese scientists have invented light-powered nano-motors that repetitively bend and unbend in the presence of blue light.

The Un-Silencing Of The Genes

Researchers have developed a technique that turns back on silenced, or switched-off, genes without causing unwanted mutations.

12 Scientists Recognized At Japan Research Front Awards

These scientists were recently recognized for their research at the Japan Research Front Awards 2016.

Tick Tock: How ‘Clock’ Genes Control Our Circadian Rhythm

Scientists can now simultaneously monitor in real-time the switching on and off of circadian ‘clock’ genes and their effects on mouse behavior.

Long Live The Naked Mole-Rat

A tumor suppressor protein called ARF may be the reason why the naked mole-rat can live up to 30 years and almost never show any type of cancer.

Fast Or Slow, It Was Already Decided Before ‘Go’

Research suggests that runners’ neural activity just before the start of a race can predict miniscule variations in reaction times.