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The Split Nap Hack for All-Nighters

A new analysis of night shift nap studies points to the optimal snooze schedule for fending off exhaustion and drowsiness in early morning hours.

Poor Oral Health May Harm Your Heart

Research from Japan suggests that people who suffer from periodontitis, a gum infection, could also suffer from poor heart health.

Rice Husk Could Replace Heavy Metals In LEDs

The world’s first quantum dot LEDs made from recycled rice husks are shining a light on developing environmentally sustainable LED displays, report researchers in Japan.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

How Native Rice Varieties Can Help Fight Climate Change

A previously overlooked local rice variety in Vietnam could be used to help breed more climate-resilient crops, find scientists.

Giant Clams’ Poop Hosts Symbiotic Algae

Fecal pellets from adult giant clams are home to photosynthetic algae that play important roles in the nutrition of coral reefs, scientists find.

Made Simple: Selecting The Sex Of Offspring

A research group in Japan has identified a chemical that affects sperm bearing the Y chromosome differently from those bearing the X chromosome.

Unmasking Stomach Cancer

Researchers in Japan have found that a layer of cells that appears like normal stomach lining can make it difficult to spot stomach cancer.

This 3D-Printed Hand Can Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

A new 3D-printed prosthetic hand can learn the wearers’ movement patterns to help amputee patients perform daily tasks.

Inflated Sense Of Responsibility May Drive OCD And Anxiety

Scientists in Japan have found that a strong sense of responsibility is associated with developing psychological disorders.