hepatitis c

No More Waiting: Tackling Viral Hepatitis In Asia

From detecting hidden cases to enabling early treatment, here’s how clinical lab diagnostics play a crucial role in overcoming the threat of viral hepatitis.

Making Hepatitis C Treatment More Accessible In Malaysia

Malaysia has granted a conditional registration for an affordable hepatitis C treatment developed through public-private partnerships with organizations in Egypt and Thailand.

Feasible To Treat Hepatitis C At Scale, Study

A decentralized, algorithm-based public health model helped cure over 90 percent of patients with hepatitis C virus infections in Punjab, India.

Combating Drug-Resistant Hepatitis C

A team of Japanese researchers has identified a compound that inhibits the maturation of the hepatitis C virus without selecting for resistant strains.

Generic HepC Meds In India Really Pay Off

Using generic drugs to treat hepatitis C in India would increase patients' life expectancy by more than eight years and reduce lifetime healthcare costs by US$1,300.

The State Of Infectious Disease Control In Post-SARS China

China has improved its infection control measures in the aftermath of SARS, but common diseases still pose a problem.

TaiGen, HEC ChangJiang To Jointly Develop Chronic Hep C Treatments

The new company will develop, manufacture and commercialize treatments for chronic Hepatitis C virus infection in the Greater China region.

Combination HepC Treatment Tested In Malaysia, Thailand

The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative has launched a clinical trial of a hepatitis C combination drug treatment which costs less than US$300.

Between Panic And Complacency

Communicating the risks of infectious diseases as diverse as MERS and hepatitis C may not be easy, but is nonetheless essential.

How A Virus Peptide Destroys Other Viruses

Researchers have explained how a peptide derived from hepatitis C virus kills a broad range of viruses while leaving host cells unharmed.