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Chinese Scientists Cultivate Salt-Resistant Rice With High Yield

Chinese scientists have cultivated a high-yield salt-resistant rice variety that boasts an output of six tons per hectare.

New Study Says Plant microRNA Cannot Enter Eater’s Bloodstream

New research refutes an earlier study that genetic elements from plants can make it into an eater's bloodstream.

Golden Rice Trial Triggers Sackings, Investigation

Three Chinese researchers were fired after they co-published a study in which 24 schoolchildren in China's Hunan province were fed GM rice in 2008.

Scientific Committee Advises Halt To Indian Bt Brinjal Trials

A technical expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India has recommended a ten-year moratorium on all Bt food crop trials.

OPINION: Biotech Crops Provide Food Security In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian nations should follow the Philippines down the path to biotech crops for food security, says Crispin Maslog of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication.

‘Father Of Hybrid Rice’ Yuan Longping Wins Mahathir Science Award

The 'Father of hybrid rice,' Professor Yuan Longping, has been conferred the 2011 Mahathir Science Award on January 31 this year.

Nepal’s Monsanto Seed Sovereignty Debate Highlights Need For Home-Grown Solutions

An effort by U.S. donors and Monsanto to partner with Nepal to boost local maize production with imported hybrid seeds has met civil society opposition calling - instead - for home-grown solutions.