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Drought-Resistant Rice Strain Created

A genetically modified strain of rice has proven itself to be remarkably drought resistant in various real-world scenarios.

In Conversation With Joel Adriano, Regional Coordinator of SciDev.Net

Adriano believes that it’s one thing to hone your journalistic skills, but it’s quite another to learn and write about science.

A Genomic Approach To Breeding Better Buckwheat

Researchers have sequenced the entire buckwheat genome, opening up possibilities for developing tastier, chewier and non-allergenic breads and noodles.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2016

From microscopic tetraneutrons to mammoth supernovas, here are the most popular reads from the last month.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2015

Plant and fungal biology were among the popular topics in November, with stories on gene editing and the sequencing of the dandruff-causing Malassezia.

Gene Editing Plants Without DNA

Researchers have developed a method to edit the genome of plants without the introduction of foreign DNA, possibly circumventing objections to genetically modified organisms.

From Field To Fork

Science and technology play an important role in ensuring food security in Asia, says Professor Paul Teng, senior fellow at the Center for Non-Traditional Security Studies in Singapore.

Beef: Now With Fish Oils

Researchers have created transgenic cows that produce beneficial omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin A-Enriched Bananas Go On Human Trials

The orange colored pro-vitamin A-enriched banana could have a profound impact on vitamin A deficiency in East Africa.

Philippine Farmers ‘Keen’ On GM Eggplants When Informed

A new book shows that when benefits such as reduced pesticide use are explained, most Filipino farmers are interested to switch to GM eggplants, even if seeds are more expensive.