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The Unbearable Uncertainty Of Biology

A new blood test could help make pregnancy more predictable, but uncertainty will always be with us.

Cautiously Optimistic About Immunotherapies

You may have read about some amazing immunotherapy cures, but for every anecdotal success there have been many more experimental failures.

Playing The Woman Card In Science

Being a woman in science can be a disadvantage, but our columnist Rebecca would prefer people to focus on the ‘science’ rather than the ‘woman’ part of her identity as a professional.

Surviving The Mediapocalypse

It may not be easy, but the Asian Scientist team intends to stay in the media for a long time to come.

An Editor’s Science Writing Cheat Sheet

The secret to being a good science writer is thinking like a reader.

Three Years A (Professional) Science Writer

When do you become a real science journalist? When you start advocating for your readers.

PhD = Parenting Headstart Diploma

Hello sleep deprivation, my old friend.

The Meaning Of Life? 473

Answering the question of what is the minimum number of genes required for life has turned out to be a lot more complicated than expected.

Freaky Fungi Friday

Much more than just mushrooms, fungi—and the people who study them—are simply fascinating.

Between Panic And Complacency

Communicating the risks of infectious diseases as diverse as MERS and hepatitis C may not be easy, but is nonetheless essential.