On The Trail Of An Ancient Animal

The death march of an ancient segmented creature sheds light on the origins of segmented bilaterian animals.

Oldest Fossil Forest In Asia Discovered In China

Excavators carrying out works at a quarry in China's Anhui province serendipitously uncovered the oldest fossil forest in Asia.

Two Thai Dinosaur Species Related To T. Rex

Analyzing fossils found 30 years ago, researchers have identified two new dinosaur species from Thailand.

Fossils Of Ancient Human Species Unearthed In The Philippines

Homo luzonensis lived between 50,000 to 67,000 years ago, says an international team of scientists who uncovered the fossils in the Callao Cave of Northern Philippines.

Beetles Largely Unchanged After A Hundred Million Years

Fossilized beetles found in 99-million-year-old amber share many similar characteristics with their living family members, say scientists in China.

‘Dino’ Bone Turns Out To Be From An Extinct Sea Cow

Japanese paleontologists have identified an uncatalogued ‘dinosaur’ bone as belonging to an extinct sea mammal.

Hopping Through The History Of Frogs

Amber fossils found in Myanmar provide the oldest evidence of frogs in wet, tropical forests.

Could These Be The First Animal Footprints On Earth?

An international team of researchers has discovered fossil footprints left by animals that may have lived about 635-541 million years ago in China.

Echoes Of An Ancient Bird

The super-elongated windpipe of a fossilized ‘coiled chicken’ suggests that the bird produced a deep and loud call.