Eardrums Evolved Twice, Scientists Say

Compared to those in lizards and birds, mammalian eardrums have had an entirely different evolutionary history.

Brood Care In Insects Is At Least 100 Million Years Old

A scale insect family fossilized in amber shows how early insects cared for their offspring.

Hong Kong’s First Dinosaur-Era Fish Identified

An undergraduate student has helped to identify the first vertebrate fossil from the Jurassic era to be discovered in Hong Kong.

Asia’s Ancient Animals

Meet the flying dinosaurs and ancient mammals that once roamed Asia!

The Oldest Poo In Japan

Fossilized poo suggests that the marine ecosystem in northeastern Japan had recovered from the Paleozoic-Mesozoic extinction by the Early Triassic.

Jurassic ‘Squirrels’ Push Back Evolution Of Mammals

The discovery of three squirrel-like fossils in China suggests that mammals first appeared much earlier than previously thought.

520 Million Year Old Brain Fossil Found

The well-preserved fossil of the predator Lyrarapax unguispinus shows that they had much simpler brains than their prey.

Arctic Foxes Trace Ancestry To Tibet

Scientists say that the newly identified Tibetan fox is the ancestor of modern day arctic foxes, suggesting that animals used the Tibetan Plateau as a stepping stone to Arctic adaptation.

Extraordinary ‘Missing Link’ Fossil Fish Found In China

A spectacular new 419 million year old fossil of an armored fish called Entelognathus has been unearthed in China.