Sri Lankan Farmers Told To Adapt To Changing Climate

Climate change has caused Sri Lanka’s rice outputs to fall to their lowest levels since 2010, according to FAO estimates.

Is Cloud Seeding Preventing Further Flooding In Indonesia?

Indonesia is banking on an unusual strategy to prevent further flooding in its inundated capital Jakarta called cloud seeding.

Indonesia Declares State Of Emergency In Wake Of Heavy Floods

Heavy rains caused massive flooding in Jakarta on Thursday bringing the city to a halt.

Climate Change Denial Linked To Free Market Ideology, Study

Researchers from Australia have examined what motivates people who are greatly involved in the climate debate to reject scientific evidence.

Shanghai Most Vulnerable City To Flooding, Study

A new study of nine major coastal cities around the world has revealed that Shanghai is most vulnerable to serious flooding.

Submarine Rice Offer Hope Amidst Philippine Floods

Amidst horrendous flooding in major rice-growing areas in the Philippines, researchers have unveiled a new rice variety that can survive around two weeks of being under water.

Fiji Battles Heavy Floods During 15-Day State Of Disaster

A 15-day state of disaster is currently in effect on the west coast of Fiji that has been ravaged by floods since January 22.

90% Of Natural Disasters In 2011 Took Place In Asia, UN Says

Natural disasters in Asia in 2011 could well prove to be the costliest ever, say experts at the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Southeast Asian Floods Threaten Lives Of Children And Workers, Says UNISDR

The floods which have affected eight million people in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand have underlined shortcomings in disaster risk reduction, says the UNISDR.

Senator Legarda: The Philippines Needs An Integrated Flood Forecasting System

A Philippine senator is calling for an integrated flood warning and response system as 3.2 million people struggle with back-to-back typhoons which have triggered widespread floods across the country.