Explaining Avalanche-Like Phase Changes In Glass

A new research reveals common mechanism for crystallization and aging in glasses.

Rough Surfaces Boost Solar Cell Performance

Using an inexpensive method to make the surface of solar cells rougher, scientists in Japan have created efficient solar panels that do not require antireflective coatings.

Sailing Towards Greener Seas

Nanyang Technological University has launched a marine research laboratory to develop technologies for Singapore's maritime and offshore industry.

Rescue Robot ‘Sees’ With Drone Eyes

Japanese researchers have developed a prototype disaster relief robot that comes with its own flying drone.

Singapore Universities Establish First Joint PhD For Engineers

Students seeking to do a PhD in engineering in Singapore now have the option of a joint degree from the National University of Singapore and the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

The Pragmatic University-Builder

Although he once wanted to be a musician, Professor Cham Tao Soon instead became one of Singapore's pioneering engineers, starting what is today the Nanyang Technological University.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Vincent Tan

Assistant Professor Vincent Tan tackles the “fiendishly difficult” problem of optimal communication, all the while juggling professional and family life.

Coming Soon: Origami-Engineered Structures

Researchers have designed origami-inspired structures that are flexible and yet strong and sturdy.

Electrodeless Thrusters For Space Travel Tested

Researchers are one step closer to long-term space travel with the testing of an electrodeless plasma thruster.