Making Retirement A Gig For Life

How prepared are gig workers for retirement, and how can older Singaporeans steer clear of financial mistakes? CREA researchers considered these questions at a roundtable on ageing and financial preparedness.

The Black Box Of Technology

SMU Assistant Professor Juliana Yu Sun is using economic models to demystify the relationship between technology and economic growth.

Health And Wealth: A Shock To The System

Health shocks can negatively impact the long-term wealth of Singapore’s elderly, according to data from a monthly survey conducted by SMU’s Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing (CREA).

The Eldercare Ecosystem: It Takes A Village

While certain challenges faced by seniors from Singapore’s major ethnic communities may be distinct, others cut across ethnic lines and need to be addressed in an integrated fashion, said community leaders at CREA’s panel discussion on the elderly.

Building A Diverse Portfolio Of Financial Research

Now in its tenth year, the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics has nurtured a plethora of real world-focused research initiatives and training programs.

Feeling A City’s Economic Pulse

A city’s inherent interconnectedness means that people, businesses, buildings and transport networks can have far-reaching, sometimes unexpected impacts on one another, said experts at the 2017 SMU Conference on Urban and Regional Economics.

The Economics Of Ageing Well

SMU's Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing aims to find out what can be done to help older Singaporeans live better.

Shining A Light On Singapore’s Invisible Poor

SMU Associate Professor John Donaldson is working to understand the root causes of poverty in the wealthy city-state.

Economics In The Real World

SMU Professor Jin Sainan creates econometric models that account for an economy’s real-life complexity without sacrificing the integrity of the story told.