The GDP Fudge: China Edition

By linking GDP growth to promotions, the Chinese government has inadvertently created incentives for provincial officials to report inaccurate financial data, a study says.

The Science Of Making Good Choices

If our lives are the sum of all our choices, then we would benefit from talking to SMU Assistant Professor Xue Jingyi, who studies decision-making that involves risk or ambiguity.

Growing The Economist’s Toolkit

By quantifying economic phenomena, econometrics gives researchers the tools to glean practical insights from theoretical models, says SMU Assistant Professor Zhang Yichong.

Nearly Half Of Indian Teens Don’t Fare Well In School Due To Hunger

Food insecurity is linked to lower test scores in adolescents, according to an international team of researchers.

Residual Crop Burning In India Poses Health Risks, Economic Losses

Researchers in India and the US have found that residual crop burning to clear farmland is linked to poor respiratory health and up to US$30 million in economic losses annually.

Study: Dirty Air Linked To Lower Worker Productivity

Prolonged exposure to pollutant particles takes a toll on the productivity of workers in China, research shows.

When Keeping Cool, Socioeconomic Status Matters

Scientists have found that lower-income households raise water consumption, while higher-income households raise energy consumption to keep cool.

Small Loans Help Increase Rice Yield In Bangladesh, Study Shows

Microfinance institutions have a positive impact on farmers, allowing them to adopt high-yield rice varieties and increase their farming output, researchers say.

Disentangling The Causes Of Unemployment

Understanding why people have trouble finding work could help policy makers design more effective unemployment policies, says SMU Assistant Professor Ismail Baydur.

Changing Lands, Changing Lives

To unravel the complexities of land dispossession, scholars must reach beyond the familiar narratives that dominate the discussion, said experts at the Singapore Land Workshop held at SMU.