Developing Diagnostics In Double-Quick Time

JN Medsys has developed two new coronavirus diagnostic kits to meet the surge in demand for COVID-19 diagnostics.

Peering Into The Future Of Ultrasound Imaging

HealthTech startup Medo.ai is using artificial intelligence and 3D technologies to revolutionise how ultrasound imaging is carried out, shares its co-founder Dornoosh Zonoobi.

A One-Shot Test For Multiple HBV Mutant Strains

A research group in China has developed a diagnostic test for the hepatitis B virus that can even distinguish between mutant virus strains.

Getting A Snapshot Of A Patient’s Immune System

Researchers in Singapore have developed a lab-on-a-chip that can distinguish healthy white blood cells from unhealthy ones, with implications for diagnosing diseases.

Singapore Awards Top Honors To Researchers At PSTA 2019

Two teams and an individual have received the 2019 President’s Science and Technology Awards in Singapore.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Catherine Ohura

Newly-appointed CEO of the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund Ms. Catherine Ohura outlines her plans and priorities for the organization.

Genomic Medicine Company Lucence Receives CLIA Certification (VIDEO)

The certification allows Lucence to acquire patient samples from the US for analysis using its liquid biopsy genomics platform.

Detecting Kidney Failure Before It Kills

Scientists have developed a probe that can rapidly detect reactive oxygen species, an early indicator of acute kidney failure.

Positioning Biotech Start-ups For Success

From sourcing for investments to commercializing products, a panel of experts shared their advice for biotech start-ups at A*STAR’s Drug Development Week.