Brain Hyperactivation Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

Five months of chronic brain activation led to the increase in amyloid β deposition in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

Deep Brain Stimulation Could Treat Dementia

A study in mice suggests that deep brain stimulation could be helpful in the treatment of dementia.

The Alzheimers Enzyme’s “Chopstick Capture” Approach

The enzyme responsible for forming amyloid-β plaques recognizes its substrates with two regions that act like a pair of chopsticks, study says.

Pumping Iron Could Ward Off Dementia

Fitness buffs rejoice! Your weight training could also help prevent dementia later in life.

First Drug For Dementia With Lewy Bodies Approved

Eisai's Aricept® is the world's first treatment indicated for both Alzheimer's and dementia with Lewy bodies.

Single-Crystal Gold Nanowire Probes Reach Subcellular Dimensions

The single-crystal gold nanowire probe is 50 times smaller and 1,000 times more sensitive than existing nerve probe needles.

Memory Research Aided By Technique For Tracking Protein Age

The ability to track how old a protein is could lead to a better understanding of processes such as learning and memory.

QBI & CAS Team Up To Take On Dementia

The joint effort between the Queensland Brain Institute and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be the largest international research center for dementia.

Australia Commits US$185 Million To Dementia Research

The National Health and Medical Research Council has set aside US$185 million for dementia research, including a virtual institute to boost collaboration.