Exercising With Others Is More Likely To Reduce Dementia Risk

Incorporating social interaction into exercise routines may enhance cognitive resilience in older adults, shows a study from Japan.

Visionary Insight Into Dementia

Sight impairment could increase one’s risk of developing dementia, finds a research team from China and the United States.

Travel Therapy

Tourism may soon be recognised as a dementia intervention by providing an experience which resembles current cognitive stimulation therapies, reveals a study.

Looking For Lag As A Brain Aging Biomarker

Using MRI to measure a time lag between two blood drainage systems in the brain could be a quick and easy way to diagnose brain aging, researchers say.

Weight Change In Elderly Linked To Dementia Risk

Rapid weight change—a ten percent or higher increase or decrease in BMI—over a two-year period raises dementia risk, say researchers in South Korea.

Virtual Avatar Aids Dementia Detection

Researchers have developed a machine learning algorithm that can diagnose dementia based on conversations between elderly individuals and virtual avatars.

Giving Up Smoking Lowers Risk Of Cognitive Decline

Quit smoking early on to minimize the risk of neurological disease, say researchers in South Korea.

How Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease Hide Their Forgetfulness

A research group at Kumamoto University, Japan, has found that patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often engage in face-saving behaviour to hide their loss of memory.

Discovering The Brain’s Secret ‘Gardener’

A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo have discovered a molecule involved in the ‘pruning’ of neuronal synapses, with implications for neurological disorders.

Memory Of Faces Declines In Early Dementia

Scientists in Japan have demonstrated that the ability to memorize faces decreases during the preliminary stages of dementia.