data analytics

Keeping Smart City Algorithms Accountable

Although artificial intelligence promises to give city planners unprecedented insight into urban life, humans must remain involved in decision making.

Turning Wastewater Into Insights

The testing of sewage and waste water could represent a powerful form of bio-surveillance, writes AMILI CEO Jeremy Lim.

Are You Ready For REACH Compliance?

Partnering with a reliable biotechnology supplier can help ensure your product is REACH compliant.

Building Trust In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is at an inflection point, writes BasisAI CEO Liu Feng-Yuan, and its widespread adoption depends on whether society can place its trust in it.

Asia In The Post-COVID World

According to global futurist Parag Khanna, the biggest change in the post-pandemic era will be that more of the world’s next generation of talent will flock to Asia.

Say Hi To Pfeiffer’s Versatile And Powerful Vacuum, HiCube Eco

With its flexible and superior technology, Pfeiffer Vacuum’s HiCube Eco turbopumping station is an ideal solution for all high and ultra-high vacuum applications.

Tadamitsu Kishimoto Wins 2020 Tang Prize

Tadamitsu Kishimoto of Osaka University is one of three recipients of the 2020 Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Sciences.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Akira Koshio

Despite their tiny size, there’s vast potential for carbon nanotubes in diverse industries, says Assistant Professor Akira Koshio.

SpooQy Nanosatellite Packs A Quantum Punch

Entangled signals from a low-cost nanosatellite beamed to ground stations on Earth could form the foundations of a new quantum internet, researchers say.

Igniting Innovation—Willy Koh Of Racer Technology

Racer Technology’s engagement in open innovation has helped the company find success and position themselves as a strong advocate for this practice in the local medtech sector.