Cell Membrane Inspires Nanoparticle Computing

The lipid nanotablet platform uses lipid bilayer membranes as a ‘chip’ to control nanoparticles and create nanoparticle-based logic gates.

Unlocking The Potential Of Spintronics

Researchers in Japan have developed a thin film made of gallium manganese arsenide that can be reversibly magnetized, with implications for computational logic and memory.

Rajesh Balan Named ACM Distinguished Member

Associate Professor Rajesh Balan is the only academic from Southeast Asia to be selected as an ACM Distinguished Member in 2018.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Loi Luu

Loi Luu dreams of deploying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide to renovate existing financial systems.

Indian Teenager Wins Google Science Fair’s Voters Choice Award

India's Arsh Dilbagi has won the popular vote for his augmentative and alternative communication device, Talk.