Live Fast, Die Young: The War On Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics have provided a short-term advantage in the arms race against bacteria, but can we stay ahead? Zaria Gorvett discusses.

China To Launch Tiangong-2 Space Module In 2015 As Precursor To Space Station

The Tiangong-2 lab module will be launched in two years as a precursor to the building of a space station in 2020.

Sun Yat-sen University, Johns Hopkins To Collaborate

A new collaboration between Sun Yat-sen University and Johns Hopkins Medicine International sets the stage for the training of clinical investigators in China.

Researchers Identify Stomach Cancers With Breath Test

A new type of breath test that detects nanoparticles could help diagnose stomach cancers, according to a study.

Riboxx Pharma, China National Biotec Group To Collaborate On TLR3 Agonist

Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH and China National Biotec Group have initiated a research collaboration to evaluate a TLR3 agonist from Riboxx.

De Qi Acupuncture May Improve Bell Palsy Recovery, Study

Bell palsy patients who received acupuncture that achieves de qi (得气), a type of intense stimulation, showed improvement to their health and quality of life, says a new study.

Nitrogen Emission To Blame For China’s Pollution, Study

A new study reveals that amounts of nitrogen released from industry, cars, and fertilizer in China increased by 60 percent annually from the 1980s to the 2000s.

China To Launch Shenzhou-10 Spacecraft Later This Year

China's Shenzhou-10 spacecraft will be launched sometime between June and August, the China National Space Administration announced.

Experts Discuss Rising Obesity In Asia Pacific

Experts discussed the rising epidemic of obesity at the 19th Asian Pacific Congress of Cardiology in Pattaya, Thailand.