Riboxx Pharma, China National Biotec Group To Collaborate On TLR3 Agonist

Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH and China National Biotec Group have initiated a research collaboration to evaluate a TLR3 agonist from Riboxx.

AsianScientist (Mar. 11, 2013) – Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Riboxx) and China National Biotec Group Company Limited (CNBG) have initiated a research collaboration to evaluate Riboxxim®, a TLR3 agonist from Riboxx, with an antigen of CNBG against one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases.

“We are delighted to initiate this collaboration with CNBG, which is one of the leading developers of vaccines against serious infectious diseases. Our TLR3 agonist has the potential to increase the efficacy of the antigen and provide a safe but highly effective immune response against the disease,” said Dr. Jacques Rohayem, CEO of Riboxx.

Headquartered in Radebeul, Germany, Riboxx Pharmaceuticals GmbH is focused on the development of molecules targeted to Toll-like Receptors (TLRs), with a direct application as vaccine adjuvants.

The company engineers and manufactures Riboxxim, agonists of TLR-3, a class of synthetic, highly pure and precisely defined nucleic acids molecules manufactured by TENPORA®, a proprietary process of Riboxx. These molecules are capable of triggering innate immune responses through TLR-3 activation, enabling novel immunization approaches both in prophylactic vaccines (e.g. against infections) and in therapeutic vaccines (e.g. against cancer).

During the term of the research collaboration, Riboxx will provide access to Riboxxim® to enable CNBG to perform an evaluation in conjunction with CNBG’s antigen against the disease target.

“The collaboration with Riboxx is designed to evaluate the potential of Riboxxim as an effective adjuvant to enhance the performance of our antigen. This combination has the potential to deliver effective immunization against a deadly disease that is inadequately treated at present,” said Xie Guilin, Vice President of CNBG, a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM).


Source: Riboxx Pharma.
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