Science’s Seismic Shift Towards Asia

The world’s scientific center of gravity is shifting towards Asia—where, given current projections, it will probably long remain.

IPI’s Top 10 Tech Offers Of 2020

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Crafting A Cancer Killer

Given cancer’s many faces, scientists from Japan are tapping onto novel techniques to synthesize new drugs against the disease.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Vivian Yam

By harnessing the unique properties of photoactive materials, Professor Vivian Yam hopes to develop processes that would utilize energy in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

Squeezing Synthetic Oil From A Stone

Scientists in Japan have used a boron-based reaction to create synthetic oil at room temperature, paving the way for greener oil production.

Smart Polymer Lights Up Under Stress

Scientists in Japan have developed a luminescent polymer that can quickly and sensitively detect stress.

Breaking Methane’s Bonds With Ease

Chinese researchers have developed a catalyst consisting of single chromium atoms supported on titanium dioxide nanoparticles for methane oxidation.

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Ultrathin Membrane Sifts Oil From Water

Researchers in Japan have coated a polymer with silica to devise a membrane that effectively separates oil from water.