Kang Jiheong Wins 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize

Kang Jiheong, Pascal Ellerbrock and Jamie Hicks have been awarded the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize for their research on synthetic chemistry.

Zero Waste, One Reaction, Two Chemicals

Researchers have developed a method to create alcohol and esters for industrial and medical use without any waste or the need for harmful reagents.

‘Caged’ Nanoparticle Mimics Japanese Fishing Float

This unique copper-silver nanoparticle structure looks like Japanese glass fishing floats that are traditionally covered with rope.

A Rainbow Bright Way Of Detecting Arsenic

This nanomaterial-based fluorescent test paper detects levels of arsenic in drinking water in colors ranging from red to cyan.

Element 113 Named ‘Nihonium’ In Honor Of Japan (VIDEO)

The first element to be discovered by an Asian team will likely be named nihonium, with the symbol Nh—a tribute to the researchers’ native Japan.

Anti-Cancer Drug Efficiently Synthesized In The Lab

Cortistatin A inhibits cancer tumors from growing blood vessels, but is difficult to harvest from nature. Now, researchers have fully synthesized it in high-yield quantities.

Cracking The Chemistry Of A New Anti-Cancer Drug

Chemists have increased the yield of cortistatin A, a potentially useful compound that can treat HIV and certain cancers.

A Moldy Trick For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Isolated from the common mold Aspergillus fumigatus, the enzyme FtmOx1 can add two oxygen atoms to molecules efficiently.

Tweaking The Specificity Of Economically Important Enzymes

The synthesis of chiral amines, building blocks of several pharmaceutical drugs, could be made easier with a better understanding of the enzymes involved.