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Using Quantum Dots In Antibacterial Eye Drops

Researchers have developed a one-step method to make carbon quantum dots that can kill the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause keratitis.

Missing Link Between Genetics And Obesity Identified

Excessive fat accumulation and weight gain may be due to a common genetic variation in the FTO gene, researchers say.

Lingzhi Tweaks Gut Bacteria To Fight Obesity In Mice

The medicinal mushroom Lingzhi has been shown to help mice on a high fat diet lose weight.

‘Brittle-Bone Babies’ Treated In The Womb With Stem Cells

Researchers have treated babies with congenital bone disease by injecting them with bone-forming stem cells while they were still in the womb.

Taiwanese Study Shows Gout To Be Genetic

A study on the entire Taiwanese population of 23 million has confirmed that gout strongly runs in families.

BGI Researchers Uncover Extensive RNA Editing In Human Cells

In a new study published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers from genomics company BGI report evidence of extensive RNA editing in a human cell line.