Onions And Garlic Linked To Lower Bowel Cancer Risk

A research group has found that Chinese who consumed larger amounts of onions and garlic had a lower risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Nanoparticles May Cause Blood Vessel Leakiness

Nanoparticles made from specific materials may widen the gap between cells that make up blood vessels, with implications for cancer metastasis.

How To Birth A Billion-Dollar Industry

Having seen non-invasive prenatal testing grow from an idea to an actual product, Professor Dennis Lo shares why he thinks Asia is the best place to be for his next venture: liquid biopsies for cancer.

Too Much ETP Is Bad For The Liver

Elevated levels of endotrophin, or ETP, result in liver cell death, leading to inflammation and fibrosis of the liver, scientists find.

Shielding Drug Delivery Nanoparticles From Proteins

By coating drug-containing nanoparticles in a shield of engineered proteins, scientists have created a targeted drug delivery system that may improve cancer treatment.

Zai Lab Launches Field Therapy For GBM In Hong Kong

The treatment method, which relies on electric fields to destroy tumors, can now be used to treat patients in Hong Kong diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer.

China Approves Tyvyt For Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Sintilimab, a fully human anti-PD-1 therapeutic monoclonal antibody, was co-discovered by Innovent and Adimab and jointly developed by Innovent and Eli Lilly in China.

AI Automatically Sorts Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that can automatically differentiate between different types of cancer cells and their sensitivity to radiotherapy.

AUM Biosciences Licenses Cancer Drug From A*STAR

The drug, ETC-206, was shown to be well tolerated in human trials and specifically targets cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.