Insights Into Cancer Resistance From The Blind Mole Rat

The blind mole rat may not be able to see, but its genome could shed light on why it does not develop cancer.

Novel Uric Acid Antioxidant Pathway Could Fight Cancer

Though uric acid crystals may be the bane of gout patients, scientists have shown that intracellular uric acid plays an important antioxidant role.

Astellas’ Prostate Cancer Drug Available In Japan

The androgen receptor signaling inhibitor XTANDI® has been approved for castration-resistant prostate cancer in Japan.

PTENα: An Exception To The Rule

PTENα, an alternative form of the tumor suppressor PTEN, uses a previously unknown start codon rather than the typical AUG.

Six Gene Loci Linked To Colorectal Cancer In East Asians

A large genome-wide association study (GWAS) in the East Asian population has identified six genetic loci linked to higher risk of colorectal cancer.

HSA Approves Lung Cancer Drug Giotrif®

Singaporean non-small cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations can look forward to new treatment possibilities with Boehringer Ingelheim's Giotrif®.

Novartis Launches Blood Cancer Drug, Jakavi®

Jakavi, the only approved oral medication for the blood cancer myelofibrosis, has been introduced in Singapore and 50 other countries.

Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Death Likelihood

Higher vitamin D levels are linked to better survival rates in cancer patients, according to a study from China.

Targeting The Achilles Heel Of Cancer Cells

By targeting proteins only expressed in cancer cells and reducing drug toxicity, scientists hope to be able to fight cancer better.