cancer immunotherapy

CBMG & GE Healthcare Life Sciences Collaborate On Cancer Immunotherapy

CMBG and GE Healthcare Life Sciences China have entered a strategic colllaboration to develop industrial control processes in CAR-T and stem cell manufacturing.

CBMG Expands CAR-T And Stem Cell Facilities

Cellular Biomedicine Group has expanded its facility in Huishan High Tech Park to increase the company's capacity for CAR-T and stem cell products.

A Bacterial Two Hit Combo Against Cancer

An engineered strain of Salmonella has been shown to prevent the spread of tumors in mice without causing a harmful systemic infection.

Takeda Invests US$125 Million In Maverick’s T-Cell Platform

Maverick Therapeutics Inc. and Takeda will collaborate to develop a biologics platform for T-cell immunotherapy over the next five years.

Enzyme ‘Snitches’ On Cancer Cells To The Immune System

By cutting DNA in the nucleus of a cancer cell, the enzyme MUS81 reveals their location to immune cells, triggering an attack.