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Nobel Laureate Tasuku Honjo Refutes Link To ‘Man-Made’ Coronavirus Claim

2018 Nobel laureate Tasuku Honjo has refuted any link to social media posts that claim the SARS-CoV-2 virus was ‘man-made’ or ‘invented’ in a lab.

Nanoparticles Boost Efficacy Of Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers in China have developed antibody nanoparticles that boost antitumor immunity in mice.

Tasuku Honjo Wins 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor Tasuku Honjo was recognized for his discovery of PD-1, which paved the way for modern cancer immunotherapy.

Cautiously Optimistic About Immunotherapies

You may have read about some amazing immunotherapy cures, but for every anecdotal success there have been many more experimental failures.

Lion TCR Raises US$20 Million In Series A Funding

The funds will be used to advance clinical trials of LioCyx™, Lion TCR’s T-cell therapy against hepatocellular carcinoma.

JW Therapeutics Raises US$90 Million In Series A Funding Round

The funds will be used to further advance JW Therapeutic's chimeric antigen receptor T-cell clinical program, develop a therapeutic pipeline and build a new commercial manufacturing facility.

When T Spells Trouble For Cancer

The world’s largest clinical trial of T-cells for cancer is being conducted by a Singapore-based biotech company, Tessa Therapeutics. Sim Shuzhen finds out more.

Cancer Immunotherapy For Man’s Best Friend

Scientists in Japan have developed a new therapeutic antibody to treat malignant cancers in dogs.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What You Need To Know About Immunotherapy

Our immune system protects us against a host of infections, but it can also be trained to seek out and destroy cancer.

Editor’s Note – July 2017 Print Magazine

In this issue of Asian Scientist Magazine, we turn the spotlight on immunotherapy and how it is being used to fight cancer.