association of southeast asian nations

Children In Poor Nations Slow In Developing Basic Skills

Many children in low- and middle-income countries are not acquiring fast enough the skills that shape later-life health, productivity and well-being, according to a study.

Dollars And Drugs

SMU Professor Locknie Hsu studies how trade deals affect the public’s access to affordable medicines and healthcare.

Thailand’s Scientist In Office

Professor Yongyuth Yuthavong, deputy prime minister of Thailand, speaks to Asian Scientist Magazine about his vision for science in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Singapore Appointed ASEAN’s First International Patent Authority

Singapore has joined China, India, Japan and Korea as an international patent authority recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Japan & Vietnam Sign Forest Risk Analysis MOU

The memorandum of understanding between Japan's ISM and Vietnam's FIPI covers joint research in forest inventory and ecological informatics.

Beyond Food & Fuel: The Tragedy & Complexity Of Refugee Health

As the Rohingya refugee crisis continues to unfold, the international community urgently needs to come up with a stronger response than stopgap measures of providing food and fuel.

Student Board Game To Fight Rabies In Southeast Asia

The United Nations is partnering with the University of Sydney to manufacture a board game that educates children in Asia about the risk of rabies.