asian scientist writing prize 2015

Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2015: Meet The Winners

What does it take to be a good science writer? Hear from the winners of the inaugural Asian Scientist Writing Prize!

Once An Industry Wonder, Now A Silent Killer

Asbestos has long been woven into human history, but we are only just beginning to feel its devastating impact on our health here in Asia.

Slipping Through Tribology’s Past, And A Pinch Of The Future

The study of friction—tribology—is all the more important in our era of machination and automation.

How Unfussy Eaters Are Saving The World

Thanks to its feeding habits, the oriental latrine fly could just play a major role in food and environmental sustainability.

Lessons From The Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2015

Using data from the Asian Scientist Writing Prize, our editor has come up with the who, what and when of science communication.

Asian Scientist Writing Prize Winners Announced

A total of 24 winners received their prizes at the inaugural Asian Scientist Writing Prize 2015 held at the Science Centre Singapore.

Why Asia Needs Good Science Writers

It is easy to name a cultural or political hero. Now try naming a living scientist.

Announcing Asia’s Premier Science Writing Competition

Science Centre Singapore and Asian Scientist Magazine have launched a competition to honor the best science writers in Asia.