asian dust

Asian Dust Exposure May Trigger Heart Attacks

Breathing in particles from Asian dust storms can trigger heart attacks, particularly in patients with chronic kidney disease.

East Asian Dust Storms Linked To Algal Blooms

Dust storms like the one that hit China in 2010 dump iron into the oceans, sparking massive algal blooms.

92% Of People Live Where Air Pollution Is Dangerously High

90 percent of air pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, with nearly two out of three occurring in WHO’s Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions.

The Dust That Discolors The Taj Mahal

Scientists have identified the particles responsible for discoloring the Taj Mahal, some of which are also harmful to human health.

70% Of Dust In North America Arrived From Asia, Says NASA

A new study by NASA scientists has revealed that up to 70 percent of the dust reaching North America comes from Asia.

Hyundai Green Zone Project Turns Inner Mongolian Desert Into Grassland

South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Company has turned 30 square kilometers of infertile desert into grassland in Inner Mongolia, China.