Asia’s Universities Inching Their Way Up

While Western countries continue to dominate the world ranking of universities, Asia is becoming increasingly visible.

Unabated Climate Change Would Reverse Asia’s Prosperity

Unless immediate action is taken, climate change is almost certainly going to reverse Asia’s impressive development gains made over the last few decades.

Why Are Asians So Good At Maths And Science?

Asian universities are constantly coming up tops in international rankings. Is there a science to why Asian students excel academically?

Asia Could Face Severe Water Stress By 2050

Economic and population growth—not to mention climate change—could lead to serious water shortages across Asia by 2050, with China and India the hardest hit.

GenomeAsia 100K To Sequence 100,000 Asian Genomes

GenomeAsia 100K, a non-profit consortium, aims to generate genomic information for Asian populations and promote genetic understanding.

WHO Report Reveals Scale Of Foodborne Disease

Contaminated food kills an estimated 420,000 people each year, with Africa and Asia being the worst hit.

Western Blood Pressure Guidelines May Increase Asian Stroke Risk

Western blood pressure guidelines may be too high for Asian patients, particularly the elderly.

Sensors For Seniors

As Asia ages, its population will have to cope with chronic illnesses, repeated hospitalizations and a limited pool of trained caregivers. Could wearable technology help?

Taxing By The Pound

As Asia transitions from battling infectious microbes to battling the bulge, can a controversial 'fat tax' in Japan keep waistlines under control?