AYOXXA Launches LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System In Asia

Combining the advantages of a bead-based multiplexing approach, the reliability and scalability of plate-based formats and the simplicity of image-based analysis, the LUNARIS™ Protein Analysis System enables researchers to maximize their insights from precious biological samples.

Going To ‘Wars’ In Blood Vessels

The gene Wars2 plays a central role in the formation of blood vessels, and could be a possible new drug target for treating cancer and heart disease.

Anti-Cancer Drug Efficiently Synthesized In The Lab

Cortistatin A inhibits cancer tumors from growing blood vessels, but is difficult to harvest from nature. Now, researchers have fully synthesized it in high-yield quantities.

A Microchip That Can Mimic Bone Tissues

This microchip accurately predicts and reproduces the physiological phenomena that occur in human and animal bone tissues.

Cracking The Chemistry Of A New Anti-Cancer Drug

Chemists have increased the yield of cortistatin A, a potentially useful compound that can treat HIV and certain cancers.

The Hormone Pair Directing Blood Vessel Formation

Rather than the usual suspect of VEGF, scientists have found a receptor-ligand system that controls blood vessel formation during embryo formation.