Big Data Reveals Reasons For Rise Of CVD

Deaths from cardiovascular diseases are on the rise, driven by a growing and aging population.

The Unsung Heroes Of Biomedical Research

Asian Scientist Magazine brings you the motley crew of model organisms that pioneered discovery in the 21st century.

Eating Your Way To Long Life & Many Kids

A study in mice has shown that it is possible to optimize diet for both long life and fertility.

DNA Methylation Indicates Accelerated Aging

A study of 5,000 elderly people has found that a DNA modification known as methylation can impact the aging process.

Explaining Singapore’s TB Rates

Rather than foreign transmission or the concomitant rise of HIV, tuberculosis rates in Singapore appear to be driven by an aging population.

Accurate, Non-Invasive Test For Alzheimer’s

A non-invasive blood test based on miRNA could improve the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease to as high as 91 percent accuracy.

Aging Asia Needs Mature Policies

A rapidly aging Asia needs to act quickly to address the social, economic and healthcare needs of its changing demographics.

Supplement Depression Meds With B Vitamins

Taking vitamin B12 and folate daily could help patients on depression medication reduce their risk of relapse.

Singapore Launches US$80 Million Rehabilitation Research Center

The Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore has been jointly established by NTU, A*STAR and NHG.