5g technology

Up And Coming Quantum Applications Across Asia

From providing solutions for data security issues to air pollution, Asia is leveraging quantum technology across all domains.

Helping Businesses Take A Digital Leap (VIDEO)

Assistant Chief Executive Jane Lim of the Infocomm Media Development Authority provides businesses in Singapore with the tools needed to kickstart their digital journeys.

Building The Foundations Of 5G (VIDEO)

CEO of Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Eugene Fitzgerald, is leading a team to develop the next generation of computer chips.

A Sneak Peek Into A 5G Future

Experts discuss the trajectory of 5G technology development and dissect its impact on businesses during a panel discussion at TechInnovation 2019.

Follow The Money

Forget speed; 5G is really about transforming the way business is done, says Huawei’s chief technology officer Paul Scanlan.

Phones Are Just The Tip Of The 5G Iceberg

5G is not just an incremental upgrade to existing networks, but a radically new approach to communication.

Release The Robots!

Collaborative robots, or co-bots, are not only creating new business opportunities and changing workplace dynamics, but also bringing with them new risks concerning safety and security.

IEEE Bans Huawei-Affiliated Academics From Its Peer Review Process

Huawei-affiliated scientists have been banned from contributing editorially on some 200 IEEE journals, but will still be able to participate in IEEE meetings and conferences.

CNIC And China UniCom To Build 5G Technology Joint Lab

The joint laboratory will perform research on edge computing, network slicing, the Internet of Things and industrial Internet, among other 5G-related technologies.