In the Lab

Infants With Long Screen Time May Experience Cognitive Decline

Families which let their children have more screen time might be experiencing food or housing challenges.

Exercising With Others Is More Likely To Reduce Dementia Risk

Incorporating social interaction into exercise routines may enhance cognitive resilience in older adults, shows a study from Japan.

Poor Oral Health May Harm Your Heart

Research from Japan suggests that people who suffer from periodontitis, a gum infection, could also suffer from poor heart health.

Corals Punish Selfish Algae

Corals cut off nutrient supply to algae living inside them, if the algae don’t share their nutrients with corals.

Human Activities Are Changing Forest Structure

Research from China shows that increasing anthropogenic activities are altering the density of forests in protected areas and intact forest landscapes globally.

AI Can’t Match Human Originality In Fashion Design

AI could help designers in their creative process by taking care of repetitive tasks, allowing more time for them to engage in complex and original thinking.

Husbands Do Fewer Family Tasks When Wives Work From Home

Studies in China and South Korea suggest that cultural gender differences continue to influence how heterosexual couples experience work-from-home.

Tracking Cannabinoids Abuse

A research team from Singapore has developed a urine test to detect the abuse of synthetic cannabinoids in the country.

Drinking Coffee Might Reduce Diabetes Risk Post Pregnancy

More studies are needed to confirm whether coffee can benefit Asian women who had gestational diabetes.