In the Lab

A Sweet Solution For Better Chemotherapy

Mannose, a fruit sugar toxic to honeybees, can improve the efficacy of chemotherapy, shows a study from Japan.

Alcohol Abuse Linked To More Diseases

A total of 61 diseases are now associated with alcohol abuse, reveals a new study by researchers in China and the UK.

How Fear Affects What We See

Scientists in Japan have identified a cluster of neurons in fruit flies that control their instinct to avoid potentially scary objects.

Excessive Groundwater Extraction Has Shifted The Earth’s Spin Axis

The findings also show that excessive groundwater pumping is contributing to rising sea levels.

Gravitational Waves Reveal Universe’s Expansion

Gravitational wave cosmology is opening a new window into the universe’s past.

This New Antibody Drug Could Slow Down Cancer

PRL3-zumab, an antibody drug targeting a protein in cancer cells, has shown safety and efficacy in clinical trials.

You’d Be Able To Smell Your Virtual World Soon

Scientists have developed soft and flexible wearables that recreate a wide range of smells for virtual reality applications.

A New Ultrafast Camera Captures Molecular Dynamics In Cells

A new imaging technique can capture dynamic interactions of single molecules at 10,000 frames per second.

Why Are There So Few Women in Ecology

Women scientists continue to be underrepresented in ecology and evolution research, shows a study.