Keeping Data Safe From Prying Eyes

An expert in information security research, SMU Professor Robert Deng is constantly trying to beat hackers at their own game.

Solving Global Issues Takes Teamwork

Professor Ann Florini from the SMU School of Social Sciences believes that a new approach is needed to solve the world's problems, one that is based on collaboration between governments, businesses and civil societies.

Health Check: Should You Go For One?

Some companies may require employees to go for annual health checks, but is this practice justified? Professor Chris Del Mar discusses.

Asia-Pacific Nations Prodded On Hepatitis Action Plans

Experts say that the Asia-Pacific region needs more cross-sector partnerships and funding to tackle viral hepatitis.

More Asian Women Find Success In Science

Recognizing the existing gender disparities, governments across Asia have taken measures to encourage more women to join and stay in science and technology fields.

Closing The Gap Between Science And Business

Professor Merlin Crossley from the University of New South Wales talks about three developments that have nudged science and industry closer together.

IPCC Warns Of Greater Risk To Food & Water Security

The Fifth Assessment Report warns that climate change will threaten food and water security, especially for Asia.

Keeping Modern Myths And Conspiracy Theories At Bay

Pseudoscientific practices and unfounded scare stories pull back South Asian nations from progress, says Nalaka Gunawardene.

The Science Behind Consumer Choice

SMU Assistant Professor Jane Wang uses her background in economics and psychology to answer how the choices we make - and the tradeoffs that come with each - affect our wellbeing.