Zaria Gorvett


Zaria Gorvett is a freelance science writer based in the UK. She graduated with a bachelors degree in biological science from the University of Exeter, UK and a masters degree in medical microbiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.

Stories by Zaria Gorvett

A Viral Factory

In the past decade of intensive farming industrialization, a deluge of viral diseases has threatened public health, writes Zaria Gorvett.

Live Fast, Die Young: The War On Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics have provided a short-term advantage in the arms race against bacteria, but can we stay ahead? Zaria Gorvett discusses.

China’s Coral Crisis

Coral abundance around mainland China and Hainan Island has declined by at least 80 percent over the past 30 years. Can anything be done to stop this trend?

The Neglected Allies Of Modern Medicine

Is the enduring attraction of traditional medicine a good thing or a paradox? Zaria Gorvett investigates.

The Mystery Of The Missing Women Scientists

There are simply not enough women taking up careers in science, writes Zaria Gorvett, and inequalities in the hiring process, career progression, and salary may be to blame.

Brain Doping: A Quiet Revolution

The use of ‘smart drugs,’ or nootropics, to enhance mental performance is becoming more widespread, writes Zaria Gorvett. But should we be prescribing them to our military... and children?

2012 Marine Report Card: Australia’s Oceans Are Changing

A recent climate change 'report card' led by Australia's CSIRO has summarized the research findings of more than 80 marine scientists on Australia's oceans.