Shern Ren Tee


Shern Ren is studying towards a PhD degree in physics at the National University of Singapore. When he isn't working on the statistical mechanics of nanomachines and single-molecule systems, you may find him scratching his head over politics, education and the mathematics of Threes.

Stories by Shern Ren Tee

Under Quantum Lock And Key

China leads the world in quantum key distribution (QKD) technology, which promises to lay the foundations for an ‘unhackable’ quantum internet.

Exotic ‘Four Neutron-No Proton’ Particle Confirmed

For the first time, researchers have confirmed the existence of a unique particle made up of four neutrons and no protons—the tetraneutron.

Accurately Measuring Plasma With Interference

Researchers have developed a method to precisely measure the electron density of plasma even at atmospheric pressure.

Wave-Bending Cloaks Conquer Corners & Bumps

Optical cloaks that can bend electromagnetic waves could pave the way for the development of next generation photonic and plasmonic devices.

Color Correction With An Ultra-Thin Lens

Scientists have demonstrated that tiny silicon antennae could help make color correcting lens much thinner.

For Precision, Two Clocks Are Better Than One

The optical lattice clocks use lasers to create "egg box" structures that contain single atoms, leading to unprecedented precision.

Bridging Two Mysteries At The Heart Of Quantum Physics

It turns out that wave-particle duality is simply the quantum uncertainty principle in disguise.

Watching The Planets Collide, In Real Time

By monitoring the temperature changes in dust clouds over two years, astronomers have been able to track a recent planetary collision.

Dynamic Imaging At Four Trillion Frames Per Second

The STAMP camera can capture images at four trillion frames a second without the need for repetitive measurements.