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WHO Rejects Reports Of New HIV Strain In The Philippines

UNAIDS and WHO have rejected international media reports claiming that a drug-resistant HIV strain has surfaced in the Philippines.

Mobile Phones Worsen Healthcare Inequality In India

Families in India with no mobile phones have lower access to private health services, and this may discriminate against poorer households.

Methane From Indian Livestock Adds To Global Warming

Better livestock management can reduce atmospheric methane levels, a new study suggests.

Pfizer’s Pneumonia Vaccine Patent Challenged In India

Pfizer’s pneumonia vaccine patent has come under legal challenge in India.

Dams & Mining Destabilizing The Mekong

Infrastructure development and riverbed mining along the Mekong River affect sediment flow, which is vital for soil fertility and fishes.

New Delhi Smog “Rivals 1952 London”

The PM 2.5 concentration in New Delhi, India is more than twice of Beijing, China, previously the world's most polluted city.

India’s Science Marching To Nowhere

After project funds are stopped, Indian scientists rally for nationwide ‘March for Science.’

Most Countries Lagging on Health SDGs

Singapore leads the 188 countries while Afghanistan comes in last in meeting health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Asia’s Universities Inching Their Way Up

While Western countries continue to dominate the world ranking of universities, Asia is becoming increasingly visible.