Sarah Chan


Sarah has a PhD degree in biomedical sciences. She hops on a plane or dive boat every chance she gets, and firmly believes that “one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Stories by Sarah Chan

The Academy And Industry: Not Necessarily At Odds

While scientists may sometimes see basic and applied research as two opposing ends of the spectrum, combining the two has been beneficial, share A*STAR’s top leaders.

Can Singapore Be A Technopreneurship Leader?

Dr. Stephen Turner, CTO and founder of Pacific Biosciences, shares his perspectives on the innovation culture in Singapore.

A*STAR Chairman: Asia Is The Place To Be For Research & Innovation

Asia is the place to be right now for research and innovation, says A*STAR chairman Mr. Lim Chuan Poh.

Translational Inefficiencies In R&D: The Blind Men And The Elephant

Prof. Lawrence Ho of NUHS narrates the classic tale of the blind men and the elephant to explain the translational inefficiencies observed in Singapore’s biomedical research.

Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable: Sustaining A Biotech Ecosystem In Singapore

Is the biotech ecosystem in Singapore truly self-sustaining? A senior panel of speakers shared their views at the recent Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable session.

Science & Tech Leaders Discuss Cohesion In ASEAN

At a recent ASEAN meeting in Indonesia, science & technology delegates convened to discuss new initiatives across the region.

Cell Therapies Are Gaining Momentum In Asia, Says Lonza’s Kim Raineri

There is a healthy pipeline of cell therapies coming from Asia, says Mr. Kim Raineri, Business Director at Lonza Bioscience Singapore.

SE Asia’s Start-Up Scene Is Promising: Edgar Hardless, Singtel Innov8 CEO

"I believe that these are exciting times for entrepreneurs, investors and Southeast Asia," says Mr. Edgar Hardless, CEO of Singtel Innov8, at the recent InnovFest2013.

Adaptive Licensing To Speed Up Drug Approvals In Singapore

Singapore's health regulatory agency is implementing a new drug development regulatory model to accelerate the translation of drugs into the clinic.