Grace Chua


Grace Chua is an award-winning journalist who covers science and the environment, from national climate change policy to community anti-littering projects.

Stories by Grace Chua

HUBO To The Rescue

Grace Chua speaks to Professor Oh Jun Ho of KAIST to find out how DRC-HUBO beat 22 other robots to emerge the winner of the 2015 DARPA robotics challenge.

Beach-Comber, Wave-Watcher

A self-described “professional beach bum,” Wong Poh Poh was one of the first geographers to carve out a niche in coastal tourism.

Biomaterials ‘Spin’ Doctor

In somewhat of a happy accident, Teoh Swee Hin was inspired by a pregnant graduate student to develop a cell bioreactor that rotates like a baby in the mother’s womb.

A (Dino) Bone To Pick

Leo Tan, professor of biology at the National University of Singapore, was instrumental to the opening of Singapore's first natural history museum.

Tea And Mitochondria

It is only fitting that ex-biochemistry professor, Sit Kim Ping, weaves terms such as “mitochondria” and “ATP” into her handmade quilts.

The Defence Science Maverick

Professor Lui Pao Chuen, Singapore's ex-chief defence scientist, took one for the team, literally—he once got hit in the arm with shrapnel from an exploding bullet while testing equipment for the military.

Growing A Research Culture

Lim Pin, the National University of Singapore's longest-serving vice-chancellor, was instrumental in Singapore's journey to becoming the medical research hub that it is today.

The Rainmaker

Professor Lam Khin Yong has managed to combine two careers: one as a hands-on scientist and another as one of Singapore’s preeminent research rainmakers.

A Series Of Rare Events

Although Professor Louis Chen initially wanted to do physics because there was no Nobel Prize for mathematics, he eventually returned to his first love and developed the groundbreaking Chen-Stein method.