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Drinking Caffeine (In Moderation!) May Support A Healthy Liver

To all the caffeine lovers of the world, researchers at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School may have some good news for you.

Fossil Of History’s Most Successful Mammal Unearthed In China

A 160 million-year-old fossil in China is helping to explain how multituberculates evolved to become history's most successful mammals.

Aggressive Tumors Help Prepare Distant Organs For Cancer Spread

Researchers have identified key signaling molecules that are part of the advance teams that tumors form to ready the lung for cancer spread.

Genetic Root Of Chronic Mountain Sickness Uncovered

Scientists have identified genetic mutations associated with chronic mountain sickness, or Monge's disease, in Andean individuals.

Scientists Trace Effect Of Caste System On Indian Population Genetics

Scientists have found genetic evidence that modern-day India is the result of recent population mixture among divergent demographic groups.

iPhone Device Detects Heart Rhythm Problems And Prevents Stroke

Researchers in Australia have developed an iPhone case and app that can be used to detect heart rhythm problems, thus preventing strokes.

Genome Study Uncovers Mysteries Of Endangered Chinese Alligator

Scientists have analyzed the genome of the endangered Chinese alligator, uncovering insights into how they adapt to aquatic environments.

Lasers Used To Insert DNA Into Cells With Precision

A team of scientists in South Korea have developed the most precise method ever used to insert DNA into cells.

21 ‘Signatures’ In 30 Common Cancers Revealed

A team of scientists has described the mutational processes that drive tumor development in 30 of the most common cancer types.